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Expression of needs

Step 1
  1. Brainstorming

    A participative exchange in which we share our experience in order to generate new ideas

  2. Apprenticeship of

    Your particularities and specific constraints are incorporated into our reflection so that we propose a unique high-performance solution

  3. Help with formalizing
    the solution

    An approved method broken down into clear steps and implemented to formalize the detailed description of the solution


Step 2
Veille concurrentielle
  1. Competitive watch

    Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in order to direct your product strategy accurately

  2. Market study

    The transformation of your intuitions into validated concepts (reality check)

  3. Help with defining your Business Model

    Our support for writing your business model and monetization of your product

Project launch

Step 3
  1. Contract formalization

    A clear deal: you own the intellectual and industrial property rights of your application and all the deliverables come back to you at the end of the project

  2. Planning Commitment

    Our fundamental commitment: compliance with planning schedule and lead times validated at startup of project

  3. Kick-off Meeting

    We introduce you to the project team and tell you about how we work and about our quality procedures


Step 4
Veille concurrentielle
  1. Creative meetings

    A successful application has to be innovative and different Let's compare ideas!

  2. Specification writing

    The ergonomic and technical challenges are taken into consideration for project implementation

  3. Acceptance

    Rereading together to gain time and reduce costs of latest changes.


Step 5
  1. Iterative cycle and
    agile methods

    A twofold goal: offering you a constant quality in startup
    of the project while remaining flexible

  2. Partial

    Provision of testable intermediate versions

  3. Apps

    Greater productivity: recourse to our system of tools for secure deployments in the corporate world
    or on-air production


Step 6
Veille concurrentielle
  1. QA and acceptance testing

    A complete series of test scenarios and benchmarks to ensure exemplary finish

  2. Documentation

    Detailed documentation required for project maintenance supplied on product delivery

  3. Warranty

    Our commitment includes a warranty phase covering you from any defects observed after putting into production

Putting into production

Step 7
  1. Deployment

    We accompany you to ensure posting production into service, publication in the Store or deployment on the Cloud

  2. Hosting

    100% Cloud hosting to guarantee performance and traffic monitoring in time

  3. Tailor-made maintenance

    Our offer is adjusted to the stakes of your project: 24/34 monitoring and planned applicative maintenance hours


Step 8
  1. Animation of

    Publication planning on
    social networks and real-time community monitoring

  2. Tracking and acquisition
    wApps Analytics - SEO

    The monitoring and management of your application using the tools deployed by Wopata. The surveillance of your competitors, keywords and comparative analysis of results

  3. Next step: subsidies, investors

    Our accompaniment in the steps towards making your project a success:
    subsidy files and research for investors

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