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Conception and development of mobile and web apps, Wopata helps you build great
innovative projects.From industry consulting to top-level development, Wopata helps you build the shape
of future with innovative and disruptive apps. Created in Bordeaux in 2008, Wopata is part of the promising French tech,
and has been rewarded as Young Innovative Company by the ministry of research and development.


In every app there is a team of experts willing to provide you the best, the quickest, the most beautiful, the most ergonomic app ever.
Your expertise combined with our passion about tech allow us to build appropriate apps for your target and objectives.

Création application mobile Woupee
Application Mobile Label 5 WorldMix
Développement application Mindful Attitude
Création eADV Application pour tablette Legrand
Création application Web pour SIPAD
Conception application mobile Megaselfie
Création librairie digitale de Merck Millipore
Création application mobile de Vin Lamothe


We guide you through the conception, development and the launch of your web and/or Mobile app.
The success is our common target as we identify the solutions adapted to your objectives.


Our engineers give you advice on the best strategic and functional practices in order to make your app project grow


Our UX designers and ergonomists will guide you and build consistent user experience for your mobile application. As experts, they handle technical constraints, user needs and business goals


We implement innovative and tough technology on the web and the mobile (iOS and Android).


Once your app is created, we provide you a full
support in order to keep your app updated and competitive


As our core business is to make value and share
our skills, we provide a full training to make you the full owner of your project



Our latest apps

Don’t miss a thing on industry news, follow our work and discover our latest apps available on the stores.


Meditate with your mobile app

Mindful Attitude is the very first app for managers to meditate within the company.
Features and content have been especially developed for people to train on meditating during their day at work. A way for every managers to cultivate their mindfulness in their personal and professional life.

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Be the best barman ever

Use the Label 5 world mix app with its connected stick to create the perfect cocktail.
The mobile app helped by the stick will guide you through each step and tell you the right dose to fill in your glass. The stick is composed with coloured LEDs and will show you the limit of liquid to pour in.

Disponible sur l'Apple Store Disponible sur le Play Store

E-catalogue available offline

Gather all your digital documents, photos and videos in a single app.
Available offline with automatic updates, this app made for Legrand accompanies the salesmen during their business trip.

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Ask a quote for your mobile or web app

Internet of things (IoT), augmented reality, beacons, bots, blockchain…
We are passionate about technologies and offer you a whole range of tools
to build the perfect apps for your targets and needs.


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