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Wopata is an IT development company based in Bordeaux in th eknown as Aquitaine and specializing in the design and production of web and mobile applications.

Wopata develops apps for the health, humanitarian, browsing and B2B application sectors.


Wopata works with web standards, developing web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework and a set of good practices such as the REST Web Services.

Wopata develops native mobile apps for iPad and iPhone in Objective-C, for Android in Java and for Windows Phone in C#.

With its twofold skills of web and mobile techniques, Wopata has introduced HTML5 into the production of innovative Web Apps such as Serious Games.
Distinctive skills

Integrated strategic vision and ROI

Into each response, we integrate our strategic vision with emphasis placed on a market approach rather than a strictly product approach.

Our web and mobile applications are accordingly adjusted to your business, to your competitive environment and to your economic modes and ROI.

High-performance efficiency and methodology

We incorporate our culture of efficiency and our singular methodology into every stage of the design and production of your web and mobile applications.

This proactive approach is particularly the effective in structuring the project.It guarantees a relevant answer to your need, the quality of your application and compliance with your lead times and budget.

Understanding and control of innovative technologies

Wopata combines a team dedicated to research with technological surveillance. The company was awarded the Jeune Entreprise Innovante prize by the Ministry of Research for its research and development work into collective intelligence.

In addition, the expenses of theR& D activities that we provide for you are taken into consideration as part of our eligibility for the CIR (Research Tax Credit).

The results of our research, like the algorithms of our affinity engines constantly enrich the web and mobile applications that we produce for you.
Creative management

Design laboratory

We have a pragmatic approach to technologies All our web and mobile applications express our vision and are a mirror of the emerging uses.

In this way, we offer you a very wide range of choices and technical possibilities which we already master and which we can implement quickly.

We privilege sharing and experience feedback based on the lasting solutions that we develop for you.

A proteiform approach

We simplify complexity to help you take the right orientations in terms of the choice of platforms and technical architecture.

We process every type of issue for you:

  • Multi-device mobile solutions (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)
  • Native programming language (Objective-C, Java, C#, etc.)
  • Standard technology (application architecture , Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Web Services REST, Responsive Design, etc.)
  • Converging solutions (Web + mobile)

Learning organization

Our propensity for creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge has led us to fast and advanced understanding of the businesses of our customers.

Gradually as our development progresses, we have become sexes in a number of key activity sectors as is presently the case for health, humanitarian, browsing and B2B application markets.

Competitive advantage

Software publication

We understand your requirements because we are also our own customers.

We are software publishers:

Control of change by innovation

Beyond the dimension of accompaniment we give each product, we deal with wider problem issues and favor the control of change by innovation.

They are generating the sustainable business impacts. Their deployment creates a competitive cutting edge for you.

Strategic partner

We are capable of developing, with you, a relationship of trust, and becoming your technical partner for a long time to come.

To do this, our intervention is more varied. With this overall approach, you can choose your different partners, and participate in innovation programs etc.

Our iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone applications simplify user operation and experience.
Discover our Pillango case study

A humanitarian intervention monitoring software for medical-psychosocial monitoring to measure efficiency and assess action in the field.

See the case study
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